At Christmas Discounters we believe in supporting our local communities in which our employees, customers, and their families live in. Christmas Discounters is a Maritime owned and operated business that is dedicated to interacting in both the community and with charitable events. Our main focus is on individuals or families that are going through a difficult time and in need of assistance, whether this be with financial needs or items for events. Please make us aware if there is any events or programs we should be involved in. Please keep in mind that with unlimited requests and limited funding it is not possible to contribute to all community and charitable events. Donation requests can be made below by filling out the provided form.

There are many organizations and businesses in our community that purchase large quantities of special or hard to find products for events, fundraisers, giveaways, promotions and such that we have been proud to be able to help source. Such as fire halls, boys and girls clubs, schools, town parade committees, sports organizations, local businesses, and more. We have access to thousands of products and we would be happy to help. Just go to our contact tab and let us know what your needs are.

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